Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Grey's Anatomy at the mid-point

How much am I loving Erica Hahn? She's great at her job, and has no tolerance for all the gossipy flirty silliness that makes up so much of the interactions between the supposed professionals on the show. She's actually focused on her surgeries instead of batting her eyelashes across the operating table.

Here's just a taste from the latest ep:

"I'm sure whatever you're talking about is endlessly interesting, but I had my heart set on saving a life today."

Telling Sloan off: "I came to you because you're supposed to be the best in plastics. But If bad jokes and sleazy come-ons are all I'm in for all afternoon, I'll go to whoever's second best."

Again to Sloan, who tries to bond: "I'm not looking for a window into your soul."

I'm sure eventually she'll fall in bed with someone (a woman?), but I'll enjoy her while it lasts!

Even better, Hahn's appearance has brought a full-force return of Yang's ambition, without any romantic overtones to water it down.

And Bailey is trying to lay down the law as well, in her much deserved ascent to Chief Resident. I had mentioned earlier this season that part of her strength is her mystery, as we never see her home life. But it looks like that may change, as we saw her at home with the baby and husband this episode.

Her quote of the episode: "My hands are smaller than a man's but my brain is much bigger, trust me."

As for the rest of them, ugh. So over Lizzie demanding that George make her happy, Grey demanding that Dreamy fix her, and Grey Jr. demanding the world pay attention to her. Callie has been amusingly snarky, but mostly sidelined, and worryingly optimistic that George and Lizzie won't work out (so she can have him back?? Please, you can do better!!).

Basically, if it weren't for Hahn, Yang, and Bailey, I might have given up on the show, as so many others have done. Thank goodness for fast-forward, so I can skip colliding ambulances and blood geisers!

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